About Us


Sunil elecomm has the largest office building in
Seoul and Yeongju for healthy lighting.
It is the 29th year company which won the Presidential
Commendation and Dongtan Industrial Medal of about 200 people.

  • BBB+
    Credit rating BBB +
  • T3
    It received a
    T3 technology
    evaluation grade.
  • 1990
    Founded the
    company in 1990.
  • 200
    About 200 executives and employees are joining us.
  • 29th
    It is the 29th year company which won the Presidential
  • Lighting Institute

    With constant research and development and technology investment. We have been striving to grow into a company with the best competitiveness and are continuing to grow. We provide accurate information on products as well as certifications and comply with the right products to create the right products. The know-how accumulated by the workers for a long time has been recognized in the lighting industry.

About 29 years of research / company with 3200 certificates

Through various studies, SUNIL ELECOMM
Approximately 3,200 domestic and international certificates
We are securing it.
Create healthy lighting.

  • Lighting factory

    We believe that the more we create ourselves, the more advantages we have. If it is our job to be meticulous, high perfection, meticulous care and accepting the customer's story immediately and developing better lighting, we at least make it a Korean to be the best pro in our work. We have been keeping our faith for 29 years. I work hard today in the field where machine and people coexist.

  • Logistics Center and others

    There are various facilities besides product warehouse, public relations room, dormitory, material warehouse.Logistics management based on automated logistics facilities and data. Streamlining logistics centers through automated facilities and applying data collection technology through the system to logistics centers.